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Kids Forever Christian Preschool

730 New North Road


Kids Forever is a Christian Preschool established to provide a nurturing environment in which Gods love is demonstrated. Our priority is providing excellent care and education, where each child is accepted and valued as an individual and where they can develop; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically

We Provide:

  • A wonderful, caring and safe environment for 2-5 yr olds, where every child is given the opportunity to develop to their full potential
  • Enthusiastic, qualified, excellent staff
  • 4-yr-old transition to school programmes
  • Affordable fee structure – WINZ approved
  • 20 hours free childcare subsidy
  • A Fantastic all-weather playground
  • Free off street parking
  • Spaces from 2017
  • A proven track record for being one of the best local centres for caring education and preparing children for their future
  • A well-resourced education programme

At Kids forever we provide a perfect mix of learning through play and structure, modelled to help your children love life and learning; and adapt into school structures easily.

We provide children with the opportunity to learn and play with loving excellent teachers, amazing well planned innovative learning opportunities in a huge adventure filled all weather play area. Our centre may look small from the outside but once you step through our doors you’ll see how huge and beautiful it is – it’s a hidden gem!

At Kids Forever children’s imaginations are encouraged and extended, they are able to explore the environment freely and the learning opportunities provided gently help children to understand the world around them, and assist them in learning character-building skills that will benefit them socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively etc

Being a non-profit charitable organization our whole purpose of existing is to provide outstanding care and education, to be a unique out of home experience, to share the love of God and to be a blessing to families - we are here to help you! It also means we are a very well-resourced centre, as everything earned is invested back into the centre

We invite you to come visit our happy boutique preschool in the heart of our Mount Albert community.

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