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The Enchanted Garden Early Childhood Centre

The Enchanted Garden Early Childhood Centre

The Enchanted Garden Early Childhood Centre

Age Groups 0 - 6 Years
Opening Hours 7.30am - 5.50pm
Licenced Capacity 10 Under 2's (separate),  24 Over 2's
Sessions Morning, Afternoon and Full days available
Staff Ratios Above Minimum (All our staff are trained teachers)
Costs Please call to discuss. Very Competitive
Street Address 255 Greers Rd
Suburb Bryndwr/Burnside
City/Town Christchurch
Phone 03 359 7944
Fax 03 759 7469
Email enchantedgardenecc@xtra.co.nz
Website www.theenchantedgarden.co.nz

The aim of our truly "Magically Enchanting Early Childhood Centre" is to provide the highest quality of care and education within a loving, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, home like environment that nurtures and promotes childrens holistic development.

At The Enchanted Garden we work to maintain 100% trained and registered teachers within our ratios, as research supports the fact that only trained teachers can provide the highest standard of education and care.

At The Enchanted Garden we believe that each child and their family/whanau are unique and base our programme upon the ever-changing interests/needs and cultures of our children/families and wider community, whilst maintaining a strong commitment to bi-culturalism, acknowledging that the Maori are Tangata Whenua, the people of the land.

At The Enchanted Garden we place a very strong emphasis upon environmental sustainability, which is reflected in our daily programme. Your children are encouraged to care for and take ownership of their natural environment by recycling resources and food waste, grow and eat their own fruit and vegetables and care for their centre's pets. This aspect of our philosophy also plays an important role in encouraging your children to form respect for themselves and those around them.

The Enchanted Garden teaching team encourage children to grow up as confident, competent learners by providing a balanced programme that incorporates opportunities for planned and free play activities. We enable your children to take on an active role in determining their curriculum by constantly noticing, recognising and responding to their individual interests and needs.

At The Enchanted Garden we encourage your children to research, experiment and enquire in a truly enchanting environment. This provides ample opportunity for creative art activities, imaginative play experiences and activities that encourage and promote pre-reading and mathematical concepts.

The trained teaching team and management at The Enchanted Garden have an ongoing commitment to continually review their practice, the physical space of the environment and the ever-evolving early childhood curriculum.