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Introducing solids


Introducing solids

4-7 MONTHS Breast milk/formula is still the most important food so any solids must be offered after breast/bottle feeding.

SOLIDS Runny pureed foods

8-9 MONTHS Breast milk/formula is still important but offer after solids. Baby should be consuming 600 ml of breast milk/formula daily.

SOLIDS Thick purees till 7 months, then can gradually introduce minced, grated, and small finger foods.

12 MONTHS PLUS Cows milk may now replace breast milk/formula if required. Toddler drinks are also available.

SOLIDS Baby should be ready for most family meals, but avoid strong spices and too much salt.

Different foods, and when baby is ready...

Remember, introduce new foods one at a time every few days so any foods causing allergic reactions can be pinpointed easily.

 Apple, apricot (cooked) 4-6 months

Avocado 4-6 months

Banana 4-6 months

Beans - green (cooked) 6-7 months

Berries 8-9 months

Bread - white 6-7 months

Breakfast cereals 12 months +

Broccoli (cooked) 6-7 months

Cabbage (cooked) 8-9 months

Carrot (cooked) 4-6 months

Cauliflower (cooked) 6-7 months

Cheese ** 8-9 months

Chicken (cooked) 6-7 months

Cow’s milk 12 months +

Creamed corn 8-9 months

Cottage cheese ** 8-9 months

Crackers 6-7 months

Egg - whole (cooked) 12 months +

Egg - yolk (cooked) 6-7 months

Fish (cooked)** 8-9 months

Kiwifruit 8-9 months

Kumara (cooked) 4-6 months

Lentils (cooked) 8-9 months

Meat purees (cooked) 6-7 months

Melon 6-7 months

Nashi 6-7 months

Nectarine 6-7 months

Oranges 8-9 months

Parsnips (cooked) 6-7 months

Pasta (cooked) 8-9 months

Peaches (cooked) 4-6 months

Peanut Butter (smooth) ### 8-9 months

Pears (cooked) 4-6 months

Peas (cooked) 8-9 months

Plums 6-7 months

Porridge (cooked) 6-7 months

Potatoes (cooked) 4-6 months

Pumpkin (cooked) 4-6 months

Rusks 6-7 months

Silverbeet (cooked) 8-9 months

Spinach (cooked) 8-9 months

Taro (cooked) 6-7 months

Toast fingers 6-7 months

Tofu (cooked) 8-9 months

Tomatoes 8-9 months

Yoghurt ** 8-9 months

** If there is a family history of any allergies to egg/dairy products, of fish, do not offer until after 12 months

### If there is a family history of allergy to nuts DELAY UNTIL AFTER 3 YEARS.