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Porse is an in-home childcare and nanny agency founded in 1994 in New Zealand. PORSE stands for Play, Observe, Relate, Support, Encourage.

The main focus of PORSE NZ is to provide solely in-home childcare, as medical research supports the notion that a settled home environment is best for the early development of children.

Porse is different from traditional day care or early childhood education. There are no child care centres. Porse believes leaving children for long hours in day care centres is not ideal. Instead the Porse network includes hundreds of educators who provide childcare in their own homes.

The PORSE model focusses on relationship-based learning and bonding between educator and child. Educators become a significant person in the childs life. This helps to create a safe environment for children to thrive. The stability of this arrangement assists in early childhood development.

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