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Early Learning Centres

The term 'Early Learning Centre' is a relatively new term. Traditionally a child would have attended a kindergarten, or a playgroup session. Nowadays there is more focus on education of a child, where they are taught as they play. Those who look after the children in ELC centres are professionally trained, and teaching children while they play is the main focus.

The facilities and equipment that can be offered at early childhood education centres is amazing. The latest in play equipment, teaching styles and learning development are usually standard at early learning centres. Many of the modern day centres are purpose built and are usually better equipped than most public schools, in terms of facilities.

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The early learning centre concept has grown fast in the last few years, with many parents choosing this over kindergarten style childcare. At an Early Learning Centre, parents can drop their kids off at the centre before work, and know that their child will be looked after with everything they need.

Most Early Learning Centres have full time on-site cooks who prepare nutritious meals for the children. Like a school environment, part of the day is dedicated to basic instruction. Many parents finds this helps to prepare their child for primary school. As well as structured learning, kids are shown ways to learn while they play.

Early Learning Centres can range from small 20 - 30 child centres, to some metropolitan centres that have hundreds of preschool children at any one time. As required by law, there are always a suitable ratio of staff to children. In New Zealand, ECE staff ratios are 1:5 for under 2's, and 1: 10 for under 5s.

Finding an Early Learning Centre

If you are considering an early learning centre for your child, then you'll find us NZ's best resource. We have thousands of kiwi centres listed, and there are likely half a dozen childcare options in your suburb. Consider reading our guide to researching childcare centres, or get stuck in and see the centres in your area.

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