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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is a broad term used to describe the learning and development a child undergoes when young.

Also referred to as ECE, early childhood education comes in many forms. The most obvious of course is learning that the child receives at home from parents. This is the first opportunity a child has to learn.

After the child reaches a certain age then education can be sought at childcare centres. In fact these days most childcare centres will incorporate some education aspect into their care programs.

Traditionally children were only educated from the age of 5 when they attended primary school. Research has indicated that starting early with basic education enhances a childs development greatly. Over the last 20 years early childhood education centres have become the norm not only for their childcare but for the added educational aspect that benefits children.

Early childhood education is not just academic. Children learn how to interact with other children, sharing, trust, how to participate in a group, how to ask questions and a whole range of essential life skills.

Early Childhood education for your child care be attained thru a whole range of centre and care options. Kindergartens, early learning centres and in-home child care are the most common. They are also nanny and au pair roles that provide childcare, also though these are less common in New Zealand. To learn more about each type of centre please see our childcare centre definitions section.