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Green day - teach colours to toddlers

By Di Hodges - 'TV free activities for kids'

What you need

  • Green items - clothing, food, drinks, toys, paint etc

What you do

Tell your children in the morning that you re going to have a 'Green Day' or whatever colour takes your fancy.  Use your imagination to make it as exciting as you can.

Some possibilites are:

  • a small amount of green food colour in their milk; green milk for their cereal
  • a selection of green foods to try such as honeydew melon, kiwifruit, avocado, green apple, snow peas; celery filled with cream cheese
  • select green clothes for you all to wear that day
  • do some green cooking: avocado dip, green jelly with chocolate frogs, green cordial ice blocks; apple pie; patty cakes with green icing
  • green playdough - make a batch and colour half yellow and half blue so they can see it change to green as they play
  • add some yellow and blue food colour to their bath water and watch it turn green.
  • be 'greenies' and do lots of gardening - plant some new plants or seeds
  • go to the park and collect lots of different leaves for leaf rubbings at home with green crayons and pencils.
  • make some green paint for paining outside
  • read 'Green Eggs an Ham' for a bedtime story.