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Kindercare is a New Zealand early childhood education company. Also known as Kindercare Learning Centres, the company runs a chain of preschools across the main centres of New Zealand.

About Kindercare Centres

Kindercare has long history in New Zealand. The very first Kindercare centre opened up in 1972, 40 years ago in Auckland. Since then they have grown steadily, yet they still operate under the 'Kindercare Way' of valuing every child individually and developing their learning in a supportive environment.

kindercare learning centres

Kindercare have 36 daycare centres in the country. There are 21 Kindercare Auckland centres. Kindercare Christchurch offers 11 locations. Hamilton and Wellington both have 2 childcare centres each.

Kindercare Staff

Kindercare was started by Managing Directory Glennie Oborn 40 years ago. Still at the helm, Glennie has a passion for childcare and was one of the early originators of offering child care services while parents were at employment.

With so long is the business, Kindercare know how to look after their staff. All teachers are encouraged to gain full registration as early childhood teachers. For those in provisional training, Kindercare offers a support person for staff to have monthly contact with under the Advice and Guidance Program. Trainees are given extra support and resources in their path to full registration.

The Kindercare Philosophy

The aim of Kindercare is for each child to reach their full potential. With decades of experience teaching thousands of children in that time, Kindercare Learning Centres have developed unique education programmes that accelerate child development in each centre.

Letterland is a program that encourages children to foster a love of letters and words by teaching in a multi-sensory way. Imagination and interesting characters are used to teach about reading and the sounds of words. Your child will gain a great interest in books.

Cherry Bytes is a mobile technology lab that visits the 3.5 to 5 year old pre school students on a regular basis. This gives children exposure to technology and computers using the latest education software to enhance your child's learning in this digital age. Not your average kindergarten activity!

All of these pre school programs along with many other unique philosophies are all housed in purpose designed learning areas. Each age level has a special area where more age-appropriate learning and interaction can take place. Kindercare environments are fun and engaging places. Each child has a portfolio kept which tracks their learning. You can read more about their education programmes and curriculum on their website.

Kindercare Contact Details

0508 KINDERCARE (546 3372)

For a list of Kindercare centres you can visit their website

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