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Enrol with Plunket


Plunket services are here for all New Zealand  parents and caregivers – from pregnancy through to when your child turns five. We offer independent, expert advice on child health and wellbeing to families of all shapes and sizes. Plunket sees over 91% of babies born in New Zealand.

The sooner you enrol the better - ideally, enrol your baby while you are still pregnant. Your Plunket Nurse will visit you at home to monitor your baby’s health and development. During these regular checks your Plunket Nurse can give you the assurance that your baby is developing well.

Every family is entitled to receive the following free visits at these ages in their child's life:

Between 4-6 weeks

Between 6-9 weeks

3 months

5 months

9 months

15 months

2 years

3 years 


The Plunket Nurse assesses your baby's growth and development, hearing, vision and wellness at each contact. Visits included care and support for the whole family as they adjust to the needs of a new baby.

As baby grows the Plunket Nurse continues to offer support and guidance with growth and development assessments and information about breastfeeding, nutrition, parenting, sleep position, smoke-free, safety, immunisation and familiy health issues. Contact with the Plunket service also connects families to others in their community