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Parents now able to watch their kids online

Auckland, New Zealand July 23, 2007 - Great news parents! If you have children in childcare and feel guilty about leaving them – or even as though you’re missing out - worry no more. A new company, TinyTelly, recently launched a secure webcam service to Childcare Centres, offering parents an innovative way to share more in their child’s day and keep pace with their development, via the internet.

Whether at work or at home, TinyTelly enables authorised parents to securely log on to the Internet and ‘pop-in’ to view live video images of their children whilst in Childcare.

Sarah Cotterall from TinyTelly said “It can be a challenge for many parents to decide whether to work or stay at home and look after the children – and many parents just don’t have the luxury of choice. Our service allows parents to stay connected with their children, see them develop and achieve key milestones which they may have otherwise missed.”

“With TinyTelly, parents are able to see their children take their first steps and experience them play with others and even learn to eat with a knife and fork. It’s a great way for parents to learn more about their child and ease separation anxiety.”

Security and Privacy are TinyTelly’s highest priorities. “The system is highly secure, with multi-level security processes in place, to ensure only authorised users can access the system and view images, which are encrypted using TinyTelly’s own proprietary software. TinyTelly uses similar technology as Internet banking and many military organisations. The company has also spent a significant amount on professional advice to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act.”

TinyTelly will is now available in two Auckland Childcare Centres - Central Park Early Learning Centre in Henderson and Apple Tree Childcare Centre in Glenfield - as well as Small Poppies in Whangarei. All three centres are committed to providing opportunities for parents to become more involved in their child’s early childhood experience.

Small Poppies owner / Director Natasha Lee said “We want to offer parents a window into their child’s day with us. Not only will it provide peace of mind that their child is settled and happy, it gives parents an opportunity to gain an insight into their child’s daily experiences and what they are learning.”

Central Park Early Learning Centre Licensee, Fleur McDermott said: “It’s a fantastic idea and parents are thrilled that we are providing this parental webcam service. The TinyTelly system is completely secure and uses technology similar to online banks and military organisations. Only parents with children at the centre will be able to access the cameras.”

For more information on TinyTelly, or to ‘Refer your Centre’ please visit www.tinytelly.co.nz or contact sarah@tinytelly.co.nz