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Four to Five years

\SKIP - Ministry of Social Development

As your child gets older they will be more cooperative. They will have lots of energy and love talking about themselves. They will tell the odd tale or lie, but they will play happily with others – although there will be arguments. As they get closer to five they may calm down and be keen to please you. They won’t like admitting they are wrong, and will try to be good.

You can:

  • be clear about what is expected of them
  • give lots of praise when they do well
  • have rules and limits (not lots) and stick to them
  • encourage your child to try lots of different things
  • let them help you to plan the day
  • give them chores to do so they can show you how clever they are
  • be calm when you do have to discipline them
  • give lots of affection
  • encourage them to work out solutions to problems
  • reassure them if they are scared or frightened
  • set a good example
  • be consistent.

Try to say lots more positive than negative things.