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NZ Childcare and Parenting Articles

Welcome to our Articles page. For parents, we have created this glossary of information explaining things about the NZ childcare industry.

What is Montessori? How do I take advantage of the "20 hours free childcare" program? It's all here!

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Articles on Children and Parenting

Need a new recipe for your fussy toddler??  Having problems breastfeeding??  Or need help with those tantrums in the supermarket??  You'll find all the information you need right here! 

Select a topic, or scroll down for the full list...

Fun & Activities


Food & Nutrition


Child Safety

Your Thoughts

Learning and Development


Fun & Activities

      Great software for preschoolers
   Learning through play
      Choosing age appropriate toys
      Teaching the alphabet
      Books for special situations
      Books in home programme
      Reading to your child
      The effects of 'Sesame Street'
      TV and your child
   TV free activities (2+)
      Gloop, and silly putty recipes!!
      Green day - teach colours to toddlers
      Magazine Picture Puzzles
      Recipe for cooked play-dough
   TV free activities (4+)
      Bottles and Lids
      Brochure Matching


      Embarking on Pre-school
      Toddler’s near death highlights education need
   Illness & Injuries
      Child sickness and danger signals
      Colic - causes and solutions
      Useful contacts for parents
   Physical Activity
      15 Ways to get your child eating healthier
      Great ways to get your kids active this winter!
      Physical activity programmes for under 5's
   Wellness & Prevention
      Adjusting your baby to daylight savings
      Daytime wetting in children
      Healthy Eating for Kids
      News release - New pediatric sleep tools
      The importance of dental health
      The Long Arm Of Domestic Violence
      What is meningococcal disease?

Learning & Development

   Ages & Stages
      1-2 years - Thriving under 5 - Plunket
      2-5 year olds - Thriving under 5 - Plunket
      How do Crawlers and Walkers Learn?
      How do Preschoolers Learn?
      How do Toddlers Learn?
      How do Young Babies Learn?
      Newborn - Thriving under 5 - Plunket
      The First Year
   Assessing Your Child
      Bedwetting Alarms
      Bedwetting and Sleepovers
      What is Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis
      Dealing with Nocturnal Enuresis
      Enrol with Plunket
      Language Development
      Toilet Training
      What is ADHD?
      What is autism?
   Brain Development
      Developmental milestones of the brain
      Enhancing brain development
      How the brain develops
      How to Choose a Childcare Facility
   Language Developmentb
      How Babies Learn to Talk (0-2 years)
      Speech and Language Development (2-5 years)
      Bullying - some questions and answers
      Coping with death....


      Attention and learning difficulties
      Bribery vs Reinforcement - do you know the difference?
      Children Who Bite
      Managing behaviour for under fives
      Parent's expectations
      Preschooler behavour: Who's the boss?
      Rewards vs. Bribes
      Sibling rivalry
      Supermarket Survival
      Temper Tantrums
      18 months to 2 years
      Developing motor skills (muscle skills)
      Four to Five years
      How children develop self esteem
      Teaching a child to share
      Newborn to 18 months
      Self Esteem
      Three to Four years
      Tiny Telly
      Two to Three years
      Discipline for Infants
      Disciplining Other People's Children
      To Discipline Means to Teach
      BabyWebNZ (www.babywebnz.org)
      Information on the 20 free hours ECE scheme
      The First Few Years Of School
      Some things that all dads can do!
   Financial Support
      Child Support
Looking after yourself
      Family issues
      Mothers Health
      Parents: Invest in your relationship
      What is postnatal depression?
   Solo parenting
      Becoming a single parent


   Around the home
      Avoid food poisoning
      Child safety - Thriving under 5- Plunket
      Electrical safety checklist
      Hitting hurts. So does exposure to it as a kid
      Internet Safety
      Safety checklist for babies
      Safety checklist: burns and scalds
      Safety checklist: Falls around the Home
      Safety checklist: poisons and medicines
      Water safety around the home
      Winter safety checklist
   Out and about
      Safety checklist: Falls outdoors
      Safety checklist: near the road and in the car
      Safety checklist: on bikes and skates
      Safety checklist: outdoor poisons and stings
      Sun safety

Food & Nutrition

      Baby's beef mince and kumara
      Breastfeeding FAQ's
      Introducing solids
      Iron rich casserole
      Knobbly mince
      Lamb casserole
      Lamb soup for young ones
      Lamb's liver and vegetables
      Making your own baby food
      Mustard roast beef
      Savoury liver and bacon
      Banana Bread
      Healthy eating programme for children
      Nutty choc chip cookies
      Vege frittata
      Zucchini muffins
      Baked potato
      Mince wraps
      Mini meatballs
      Mini Pizzas

Your Thoughts on Parenting!

   The X Family Case Files
      Part 1: First day at day care
      Part 2: First week at day care

If you can't find what you are looking for, or have a suggestion for a new topic, please let us know and we will try to help.

 We also welcome 'your thoughts' and experiences on bringing up children.  If you would like to contribute an article, email us at yourthoughts@childcareonline.co.nz and we will share your story with others. Please keep articles around 500 words or less.