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Sun safety

Child Safety Foundation of New Zealand

Sun Safety

  • Keep children out of the sun between 11am and 2pm
  • Always apply sunscreen and reapply frequently
  • Use SPF 15-30+ sunscreen
  • Apply sunscreen 30-40 minutes before sun exposure
  • Use zinc on face ie. on nose, cheeks and ears
  • Apply sunscreen on all exposed skin, especially back of neck and tops of ears
  • Always wear a hat outdoors
  • Cover child up with loose fitting long sleeved garments
  • Never leave a child alone in a parked car
  • Make your child has a rest in between play on very hot days
  • Ensure plenty of drinks are available
  • Encourage them to save really energetic playing for early in the morning
  • Apply insect repellent if necessary, Keep away from eyes
  • Keep an eye out for heat stroke – hot, restless, dizzy or confused.

This checklist has been kindly provided by the New Zealand Child Safety Foundation , one of New Zealand’s least known but most valuable charitable foundations. Among the many services provided by the Foundation are the Train the Trainer Child Safety Parent Workshops. These free workshops are a proving to be a wonderful tool for a growing number of organisations to use to inform/advise their parent groups on injury prevention skills. For more information visit the Foundations website.