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Two to Three years

SKIP - Ministry of Social Development

Although two year olds don’t like change, they do start to calm down as they approach three and learn new skills. They start to talk a lot, have lots of energy and enjoy noise. They develop definite likes and dislikes with food, clothes, toys, etc. Some two year olds get a bit bossy or jealous.

You can:

  • give lots of praise when they do something well
  • listen to what they are saying – and try to answer all those questions
  • do things together that you enjoy
  • give one instruction at a time – not a list
  • give clear directions
  • give them little jobs to do
  • try to set a good example – your children copy what you do
  • set clear limits and stick to them
  • be consistent
  • keep an eye out to see if they’re ready for toilet training
  • explain why you don’t like something they are doing.

Talk lots – praise their talking.