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Sponsor a Targeted Parenting Article

The A-Z parenting guide covers topics from breastfeeding to toilet training, in fact any parenting related topic may be added to our website.

By advertising on a particular topic page, you can efficiently and cost effectively reach your target audience and increase awareness of your brand

For example, a parent requiring more information on ‘toilet training’ will click on the 'toilet training ' topic page which leads to information and tips on training as well as other links to informative sites that can provide the parent with more information.

Advertisers on this page have the opportunity to reach their potential target audience, in this instance, parents with concerns on toilet training.  A typical sponsor of this page would be a manufacturer of nappies or portable potty's for example.  

With one advertisement per page your ad will have maximum visibility and click through options allow customers to visit your site via ours.

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