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Great software for preschoolers

Easy Net Computers and Training


Computer software may never replace crayons and books but it is nice to know that software has become more accessible and educational for preschoolers.

Because preschoolers need sight and sound for learning, computer assisted instruction could make a big difference in your child's education. Early childhood is a critical time to give children confidence and comfort with all aspects of the school curriculum.

While toddler software has its place in homes and in childcare centres, it is important not the let the computer become an electronic babysitter or teacher. Parents need to guide their children in the use of computers and sit with their children while using the software.

Easy Net Computers and Training stock excellent Dorling Kindersley CD Roms for preschool education. This software provides children with an introduction to valuable concepts such as counting, sorting, number/letter recognition, shapes, alphabet, phonics, simple spelling and more. Visit their website or contact John for more information.

While everyone would agree that no machine can replace loving parents or caring teachers, the right software can be a wonderful enhancement to a preschool education.