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Teaching the alphabet

Stacey Daniel

Alphabet Book

One fun activity is to make an Alphabet book.  Each week, we choose a new letter to work on.  I write the upper and lower case letter on a piece of white paper, then we go through old magazines to find pictures that begin with that letter.  These are glued onthe paper.  You can use a 3 hole punch and put it into a folder to make a book.

You can also make a alphabet scrapbook by taking a scrapbook or photo album and writing a letter from the alphabet on each page.  Then with your child, look through magazines for pictures of things and put them on the pages with the first same letter.  An example would be a picture of an airplane on A etc.  Use photo albums with the plastic covering so no gluing is involved.  Afterwards your child has their very own alphabet book that they helped to make.

Alphabet boxes

Write the upper and lower case letters on a 'baby wipes' box, tissue box or ice cream containers.  Fill each box with items that begin with that letter.  Some can even be pictures of items.  One by one you show the items to the children and pass them around. One box is use at a time.  You don't have to fill all the boxes at once but fill them as you go through the year.

Alphabet dominoes

Cut a piece of cardboard into several 1" x 2" pieces.  On each piece print two letters, make the pieces look like dominoes but with letters.  Use all upper case or lower case.  If the children are ready for a challenge, use both upper and lower case.  Play as you would with regular dominoes.  Have fun - you can also make these using shapes colours, animals, etc.

Alphabet rubbings

Cut shapes of letters or numbers out of sandpaper.  Make sure the letters are at least 3" tall.  Put the shapes under paper and let the children rub over the top with crayons.  Have them rub their name etc.