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News release - New pediatric sleep tools

News release - New pediatric sleep tools

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GPs urged to upskill on new pediatric sleep tools

Local baby sleep educator, Louise Tanguay, is urging GPs, Plunket nurses and health professionals to learn more about the new tools available to help babies sleep better.

Recent research from Auckland University has shown New Zealand has one of the highest rates of post-natal depression in the world, with an estimated 30% of NZ women suffering the baby blues.

New Australian research has proven a strong correlation between mother’s disturbed sleep and post-natal depression. The more interrupted the sleep, the worse the depression is likely to be.

This same study reports that interventions aimed at improving the baby’s sleep lead to improved mood in new mothers.

“There are now many very effective tools available to help new mums improve their baby’s sleep” says Louise Tanguay. “Simple changes to the way babies are wrapped and using white noise can add many more hours sleep each day and allow a new mother a far longer uninterrupted stretch of sleep at night”.

“I urge those medical practitioners who see new mothers and babies to be aware of the effective tools they could suggest. It will not only make life far easier for a new mother, but it will reduce the incidence of post-natal depression and shaken baby syndrome”.

“Rather than tell mothers their baby has colic or state that babies are hard to get to sleep, why not give them some practical information that will help their baby sleep better?” asks Louise.

Australian pediatrician Dr Harry Zenwirth has developed a package specifically for new parents, containing a simple book of settling tips and a white noise CD. Product tests for his ‘Sounds for Silence’ CD showed 90% of babies settled in under 5 minutes, and 50% of babies had stopped crying in under 60 seconds”.

American pediatrician, Dr Harvey Karp, has produced a DVD ‘The Happiest Baby’, showing effective swaddling, white noise, and other settling techniques. Using Dr Karp’s techniques, babies settle in minutes, sleep longer and symptoms of colic usually disappear completely.

Swaddling has repeatedly been shown as a very effective way to improve newborn sleep and colic, however many parents struggle to wrap effectively. Louise urges medical practitioners to make themselves familiar with the new types of wraps available, such as the Miracle Blanket. This innovative wrap is endorsed and highly recommended by hundreds of medical experts and hospitals in the States, as it is simple to use and has such a positive impact on newborn sleep.

And for older babies and toddlers, the release of a new DVD gives parents a step by step program to teach their baby to sleep through the night. ‘The Sleepeasy Solution’ is unique as it shows why babies wake in the night and how to teach babies to sleep through, usually in less than 5 nights.

For more information:

Louise Tanguay

Phone (09) 816-8706