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Safety checklist: Falls Outdoors

New Zealand Child Safety Foundation

Where and how children are injured from falls is related to age.  Children under five are predominantly injured by falls in and around the home.  For older children, fall injuries are more likely to be related to playground equipment and sports.

  • Supervise children on playground equipment
  • Tree houses should be at a safe fall height
  • Ensure there are gates on all outdoor exits and entrances
  • Ensure all toys are away from outdoor paths and stairs
  • Make sure all paths and stairs are clean and free of moss or slippery liquids
  • Ensure you teach your child how to use bicycles, skates etc, safely
  • Set trampolines into the ground
  • Ensure your trampoline has safety pads attached
  • Always supervise children on a trampoline
  • Ensure only one child jumps at a time on a trampoline
  • Take your child around the backyard and show them the safe places to play
  • Ensure play area is on a flat site with no fall risks
  • Supervise your child on a swing/slide sets
  • Teach children not to take risks on climbing equipment

This checklist has been kindly provided by the New Zealand Child Safety Foundation, one of New Zealand’s least known but most valuable charitable foundations. Established in 1985 as the New Zealand Safe Playing Trust to teach safety to pre-school and early primary school pupils, the Child Safety Foundation NZ was renamed in 1993. The Foundation is not funded by the Government and derives it’s funding from donations and fundraising. The foundation, through the generosity of its sponsors and other limited funding provides worthwhile services to support young families.