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My Child, My Hope

Catherine Melville/Auckland

My son is nearly 7 months old, and sometimes I burst with the joy I feel having him in my life (that is the times in between grizzly feeding, screaming, and nappy changing). As I was driving home from work the other day, I felt inspiration to write a poem for him which tried to put into words the hopes I have for him, and the sort of person I would like him to be when he grows up. I have called it "My Child, My Hope" and here it is:

My Child, My Hope

He’ll know I’ll keep him warm when cold,

And cool when days are hot

He’ll know that anytime he likes

I’ll sit with him beside his cot.

My child will know that even though

Life isn’t what it seems,

His mother trusts with all her heart,

He’ll manisfest his dreams.

My child will not grow up to judge,

He’ll keep an open mind

He’ll feel and show compassion

Not for some, but all mankind.

And for my child I hope

that he will always have belief.

I hope his life is filled with joys

And never filled with grief.

I hope my child will live in peace,

And not encounter war,

I hope he’ll never see and fear

the things his parents saw.

I hope that he will have good friends,

who love him faults and all

I hope that he will find true love,

I hope that he will have it all.

- Catherine Melville