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Botany Downs Kindergarten

22 Maroubra Street


At Botany Downs Kindergarten we aim to build a community of resilient, risk taking, creative thinkers who inspire each other.  We aim to build inclusive relationships that nourish learning through inspiration, respect, role modelling and understanding.  We aim to nurture a welcoming environment that supports, challenges and provokes.  We aim to be inspired by children's emerging ideas, language and working theories.

Our strengths lie in fostering oral literacies, risk taking, perceptual motor skills, divergent thinking, inclusive practices, digital media and extensive transitional actions.

Our pets have a pivotal role in our curriculum and embody the values we aim to develop in children.  Gandhi once said, "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals."  Ascione concurred, "humane treatment of animals leads people to treat others with greater civility, respect and kindness."

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