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BabyWebNZ (www.babywebnz.org)

Helen Pulford

BabyWebNZ is a free New Zealand owned and operated information directory, set up in June 2004.

As a Mother and a Midwife with an interest in childbirth education, I have found the web a great place for finding out information.

When I first started using the web it took me ages to find what I wanted. Search for "baby" and get "1777,744,925" results can be a bit off putting.

I decided to put all the web site addresses (domain names), which I found helpful or interesting onto a directory.

BabyWebNZ requires no membership, it is free for all to use.

I have tried to add mainly New Zealand domain names which provide relevant information on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, babies, health, parenting, support services and shopping.

I do not assume any responsibility for the information on any of these web sites.

Email me at Helen@babywebnz.org if you wish to suggest a site or have your domain name on BabyWebNZ for free. Please include a site description, preferred directory page and subtitle.

I hope you will find www.babywebnz.org useful in finding information.