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What is a Nanny / Babysitter?

A Nanny is a trusted person who looks after your child on a regular basis (3-5 days a week). Nannies come to your home and care for your child or children. Nannies can be Full-time or Part Time and can be casual or hired by you on a contract basis.

Full time Nannies

A full time nanny will either live at your residence, or arrive early in the morning and leave late at night. Full time nannying is very common in the USA and Europe, and is starting to become more commonplace in New Zealand. A full time nanny essentially takes over all the main roles of childcare and running a household while the parents work. The tasks undertaken will vary on your agreement with the nanny.

Full time nanny tasks may include: Getting kids ready and dropping them at school. Picking them up after school. Younger children may be cared for at home. Household chores may be done throughout the day.

Part Time Nannies

Part time nannies in New Zealand are sometimes referred to as Babysitters. However a part-time nanny's role usually involves more responsibility for cooking and household work than a typical babysitter. A part-time nanny arrangement typically involves picking up children after school. The children may be taken to activities or may be taken back to your home. Assistance with homework may be given, or the nanny may do comon household chores while the children quietly do home work.

Role of a Nanny

Nannies often prepare dinner for the children in care. Nannies often do household chores and cooking for the parents to take over when they arrive home from work.

Who becomes a Nanny

Many Part-Time Nannies are young adults, 20 and upwards who care for the children after school for only a few hours. Many full-time Nannies are from overseas and have specialist nannying qualifications.