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Little Sprouts Montessori Pre-school

We are a small privately owned and operated preschool. We follow the Montessori philosophy and believe that the child should lead the path of their education in order to develop independence, concentration and a love of learning. "Never do for a child, what they believe they can do for themselves" Maria Montessori


At Little Sprouts Montessori preschool we educate children from the age of 10 months. We are a small friendly center where each child is known by all staff and children. having the same staff all of the time builds relationships with children and families. Children also feel safe and secure knowing who they are going to see each day.

We believe working with the family and providing continuity from home is important so we work closely and have open communication between our center and home. You will always know that your child is receiving the best care available when you are not there.

From the moment a child walks through the gate they begin learning new skills, develop new relationships with teachers and peers and extend their capabilities. Meaningful activities that follow the Montessori philosophy are introduced to encourage exploration, curiosity, concentration and independence.

Even our youngest children show great respect and pride in their activities. We have two classrooms with purposeful materials designed for each of the age groups. Each class follows their own level of development and then has time together where children are able to share experiences and teach each other as they would in a home environment where children are not separated by age.

The older children learn compassion and caring for younger children and the younger children benefit by having older role models to learn from. The day is structured to follow routines with both inside and outside time working on building different skills giving a balance of activities.

This structured time, independence and readiness to learn helps to prepare children for the daily routines of the school day and makes the transition to school an easy process giving them the best start possible.

So if you want your child cared for in a safe, friendly and educational environment with lots to explore then Little Sprouts maybe for you and your family.

Call in for a chat with the friendly staff at 72 Domain road or phone 308 9155.

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Angela Barker
8am till 4pm Monday to Friday

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